Authorities – Rah’s Police

The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws. – John Adams


Soul Fluid – Robot Blood

The moon is my sun
The night is my day
Blood is my life
And you are my prey

Come On, Little Baby

Come on, little baby, and don’t you cry Mama’s taking you on a little train ride Come on, little baby, and don’t you worry We’ll get there soon, we’re in a hurry Come on, little baby, and don’t you blink It will soon be over before you think Come on, little baby, and don’t say…

Forever, in the Black

So my original “Always and Forever” was the second version of the following poem. I had previously lost it but, after searching through my Evernote, I found it again. So here it is: She comes to me at night When I cannot sleep She sometimes comes in light And also when I dream She used to…

Battle Suits (Concept)

​   I had a concept for an anime or game or something, just a really cool idea. It’s sorta around the premise of a mini Gundam or Ronin Warriors. I’ve written down what I can think about it, feel free to comment any questions.    Battle Suit is a combat/action adventure that follows the journey…

The Murderer

I stand by you, my jury of peers So I can tell you what you must hear It was I who cut her up, this is true But tell me who is the murderer, who? For what is it that deems me guilty When what I did was show her mercy So quickly came her…

Bits of Nibbets #2

These entities have been here far longer than we have. They exist everywhere. They may be from another planet, or parallel universe, or maybe even another dimension but they exist. They are around you and everyone every second of the day. The reason we cannot see them all the time is because of their biology/generic makeup.

Patience, My Friends

Here comes another late night/early morning post. The time is 1:51am and I’m wide awake so I thought I would add another post to update all of my non-existent readers. So all I have is a phone, thus editing on my site has been a very slow process. I know what you’re thinking: “Nibbets, you’ve…

Always and Forever

She comes to me at night She knows when I’m asleep She doesn’t like loud noises She silences my screams She never lets me tell She always stays a while She never blinks her eyes She always has a smile She knows how to find me She pulls off all my covers She doesn’t touch…

Bits of Nibbets

Ever been so tired you stay up and watch the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus? Me too

First Post

Told you I’d make one. Now I just have to keep up with it….