Bits of Nibbets #2

Just a thought I shared took Facebook, decided to also put on here.


I strongly believe there are beings among us we can’t see. Some may call them ghosts or spirits or guardian angels but I feel it’s something else entirely.

These entities have been here far longer than we have. They exist everywhere. They may be from another planet, or parallel universe, or maybe even another dimension but they exist. They are around you and everyone every second of the day. The reason we cannot see them all the time is because of their biology/generic makeup.

We’re carbon-based life forms. This leads us to assume everything else is carbon-based if it’s alive. Granted, there is a ton of achieve to back that up I feel that’s not completely true. These beings are made of something we cannot detect.

Possibly they are biological light or shadow. This would explain why they are seen once, when the lighting and environment is perfect, but not seen again, like all the ghost sightings throughout history.

Or perhaps they are made of an element unobservable by our current technology. For instance, gold is not native to Earth, the big bang created this element and flung it here. Who’s to say it didn’t create an element of Dark matter or anti-carbon that our simple brains cannot comprehend? And perhaps that means they cannot comprehend us. Our entire world would look a million times different for them.

We CO-exist but our atoms are intermingled. When you raise your hand, one of them may be raising their appendage or jumping or whatever action corresponds with our atoms movements. When you randomly get a migraine for no reason perhaps one of them spoke and it has repercussions on our plane of existence.

One day we’re going to do something, beater a device that can “see ghosts” and really, we’ll be seeing what our brains think these beings look like.

If they truly are from another dimension (such as we exist in a 3rd dimension, they could be 4th) then even if we found them we could even begin to imagine what their true forms are. We will only be able to see a fraction of what they are and from that we will build our entire knowledge of them, being completely ignorant to the fact that we are staring at their toes because the rest of their bodies cannot exist in 3D.

On the other hand, if that is the case, we look primitive and useless, like a child’s drawing on paper moving around, trying to figure out if it’s alone. Just as it cannot see above its second dimensional form, we cannot see above our third.

So yeah, we’re not alone, we never have been, we just can’t see them.

Next time you feel someone is watching you, they might be.


Thoughts? Comments?

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