Battle Suits (Concept)

   I had a concept for an anime or game or something, just a really cool idea. It’s sorta around the premise of a mini Gundam or Ronin Warriors. I’ve written down what I can think about it, feel free to comment any questions.

   Battle Suit is a combat/action adventure that follows the journey of Ty, a young and passionate boy who wants nothing more than to become the greatest Fighter in the world and bring fame to his family’s name; which was brought to shame in the previous war due to his grandfather’s desertion mid-war. He begins his conquest of victory with his grandfather’s worn-down Battle Emblem which is the most basic of battle suits and challenges every one he can to get it upgraded.

What is the premise?

As a tribute to previous war a new “game” was set up where contestants could challenge or be challenged near anywhere in the world where a “Battle Marker” exists. Millions of these were installed throughout the world and serve as an official marker of an official and regulated battle between combatants.

How are the games judged?

All games follow the same rules and if those rules are ever broken the Battle Markers will alert the Arbitrator who will teleport to the battle and end it appropriately. The Arbitrators are master combatants with the most sophisticated and powerful gear. From the start of the games not one has ever been defeated. The most common rule that has been broken is “Disobeying a Surrender”, the punishment of which is the automatic forfeit of a gear of your opponent’s choice.

What happens to the winner/loser?

When a battle is initiated it begin immediately. Combatants can use every weapon in their disposal that is already attached to their armor at the start of the battle. The game ends when either one of the opponents is knocked unconscious or surrenders. When the battle ends the winner’s profile is displayed on the Battle marker screen (every combatant is required to register prior to battling) and is given points determined by their skill, their opponent’s skills, and the weapons/terrain used to win. They are then awarded the option to either get credit added to their account which can be used to repair or purchase new gear at official regulated shops or take one of their opponents gear. This includes any weapon attached to their armor at the start of the battle including their armor itself. However, if the winner chooses to take a part of the armor, they may only take a piece at a time, such as the glove, shoulder pad, helmet, etc. If the loser refuses an Arbitrator is alerted and gives them one last chance. If a second refusal is proposed they are immediately removed from any future combat and must surrender all gear to their opponent and their Battle Emblem to the Arbitrator. Refusal to this request is “Forcible Retirement” of their equipment.

Are there regulated tournaments or is it random?

There are tournaments throughout the world that grant massive amounts of points and special/promotional gear not available anywhere else. Though some combatants can become more powerful outside these tournaments the competitors in them gain points and levels far faster. Typically tournaments take place in either giant stadiums or in large fields dedicated to tournaments. The largest of these tournaments is the “Battle Suit Championships” which is a strictly one on one tournament and typically offers the best prizes. A rigorous process must be completed in order to get a tournament license as multiple Arbitrators must be present and the tournaments must follow stricter guidelines than regular battle.

How do Battle Suits work?

Battle Suits are created with a powerful nano technology that allows a user to “form” and entire suit of armor, including weapons, by activating their Battle Emblem. When it is activated small nanobots crawl around the user to create the exact specifications of the emblem’s request. The specs can be set outside of battle (all weapons must be chosen prior to entering a battle) by using the emblem to bring up a holographic interface and choosing from the available inventory. Any weapons won will be “absorbed” with the armor as the nanobots crawl back into the emblem.

What are the dangers?

As with any sport, Battle Suits comes with its fair share of dangers. This includes, but is not limited to, broken bones, concussions, PTSD, and at worse, death. Although the suits are specially designed to nullify much of the damage, hard hits are still felt by the wearer. Blades still have the capability of piercing armor and are heavily regulated due to this fact. Due to the serious nature of battles, young combatants as well as low level combatants always have an opt=out option where challengers of higher level, skill, or age cannot challenge them and they themselves are only allowed to initiate a battle by challenging them. However, a lower combatant can challenge them. Arbitrators do their best to prevent serious injury or death during battles however, there are a limited amount of them and constant battles happening all around the world.


Thoughts? Comments?

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