Forever, in the Black

So my original “Always and Forever” was the second version of the following poem. I had previously lost it but, after searching through my Evernote, I found it again. So here it is:

She comes to me at night
When I cannot sleep
She sometimes comes in light
And also when I dream
She used to be so nice
She used to be my friend
She used to be a buddy
That’s why I had her summoned
She always has a smile
The smile never leaves
She doesn’t like loud noises
She silences my screams
She hates it when I cry
But I do once in a while
She gets mad when I do
Yet she doesn’t lose her smile
She says she wants to play
When we’re done, she wants more
She always has that smile
She doesn’t touch the floor
She hides when daddy comes
And puts a finger to her lips
She doesn’t want to be seen
To stay a dark secret
She watches me at night
From outside my window
She just hovers with that smile
I don’t want to be alone
She heard me yell for daddy
I don’t think she liked that
She flew into my bedroom
To the only place that’s black
She heard my daddy coming
And launched her sneak attack
She pulled him into the closet
The door slammed with a crack
She blew open the door
I  grabbed and pulled my dad
She grabbed him by the ankles
And violently dragged him back
She screamed and laughed with joy
As my daddy yelled in pain
She reveled in his misery
Like this was just a game
She stopped her assault
As quickly as it start
She drowned out all the sound
Except the pounding of my heart
She slowly opened the door
My daddy’s body lay defiled
She didn’t change expressions
She just looked at me and smiled
She said: “Now you have no one,
Now you are alone.”
She knew without my daddy
I would be on my own
She saw me turn and run
To hide beneath my sheets
She did not lose her smile
As she began to drag me
She wanted to be best friends
Forever after that
She brought me into nothingness
Forever, in the black


Thoughts? Comments?

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