Authorities – Rah’s Police

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Since its founding, Rah has never had a central policing agency. Initially, there was no one aside from yourself to defend you. This did not work well as some weaker men and women could be taken advantage of. One such person was Roman Carter.

Born as one of the first citizens of Rah, he was frail as a child and lanky as a man. He was bullied and forced to do the labor of others as he would only gave violence if he didn’t. One day he decided he would not put up with it. He gathered a group of friends and neighbors and fought back.

They struck at the bullies, the criminals, and the all-around scum of Rah. After successfully clearing multiple neighborhoods they began drawing attention and increasing in rank. Roman reorganized the group as the first ever “people’s Authority” and named it the First Legion. They vowed to uphold the laws set forth by the people and give their lives and well beings to defend those who could not defend themselves.

Following his example, multiple privately funded Authorities arose and stakes claim of their neighborhoods and sections of their cities. Tensions quickly came when jurisdictions came into play. After years of trial and error the lines were laid. Many of the smaller, less funded Authorities shut down or merged with others to become larger ones. These new generation Authorities did not scuffle as much with each other and operated much more similar to police departments of old.

The most well-known Authorities are:

Department of Safety – Members of the First Legion and smaller groups joined forces and created what would become the largest, most powerful and influential Authority in Rah, the DoS. They had jurisdiction everywhere, though they are headquartered in Uppercity, and were called for special cases smaller Authorities can’t solve.

MARSA – The Malignant Autonomou Robot Suppression Authority, are specialized branch of the DoS trained to take down robots, who’s strength is near unstoppable. This branch was created following the Defector Uprising.

ATTak – The Advanced Tactical Takedown Authority is the largest Midcity Authority. Their reach stretches to each end of the walls and they have specialized training for riot control, hostage situations, and potential uprisings.


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