Megabots & Robot Fighting League – Bits of Nibbets #3

MegaBots raises $2.4 million to create league of human-piloted, giant fighting robots

That’s the article I recently read. The article itself was published on May 10th on TechCrunch but I just found out about this wonderful news. The basic gist is a company raised $2.4 million with the intent of creating a Gundam-style fighting league.

Is this a good thing?

Well, in entertainment, yes. As a child I marveled at robots of every shape and sizes. The ones that really got me were the giant human-piloted ones because since I was a small child, AI has terrified me. I grew up loving stuff like Gundam Wing, Power Rangers, and other shows with humans controlling giant robots and causing unmatched damage to their foes so to hear that it was becoming a reality, the 10 year old in me crapped his khakis.

Apparently this company has already challenged Japan based Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a fight. WHICH THEY FUCKING AGREED TO!!! However, they wanted melee combat which only makes sense. Bullets are far too dangerous and rockets are just ridiculous.

So… no downside?

Shut your whore mouth! Of course there is a downside! There will always be downsides (says the pessimist in me). This sets a precedent that giant robots are acceptable in today’s world. This could be a potentially dangerous thing if funded by the wrong people.

Imagine if a drug cartel or North Korea got their hands on one of these:


How much damage do you think they could cause before they were stopped? The answer is: who knows? It’s probably a shit ton but until we see these things in action we can only base our opinions on the science fiction movies. Using that for a comparison, I’d say we’re fucked. With an innumerable amount of weapon choices and various possibilities for bullet and rocket resistant armor, these titans could wreak havoc on unsuspecting people.

Of course, the cops could always get them. Now not every cop station everywhere but maybe the major ones like NYPD, LAPD and other ones in larger cities. They could have on as a preventative measure against possible robot attacks. The issue with that would be the funding for the police departments. Some of them have already over-stretched their budgets and couldn’t possibly afford a battle bot to combat the cartels. Then they’d have to also higher a specially trained pilot and programmer and maintenance and after a while the tax dollars stack up for a single robot.

The other issue I see is the anti-gun people. Imagine their surprise when they are outside town hall protesting the use of large rifles and this giant fucking machine with machine guns the size of full grown adults comes walking around the corner telling them to leave. The ones that didn’t run from fear would only see this as more fuel for the fire and say “it’s dangerous” and “inhumane” and blah blah.

The issue there, is that they are right, for once.

As a military suit, these could benefit us by only needing a handful instead of sending a battalion of troops but if local law enforcement had them, no one could stop them. They would be as feared as they are respected.

I dunno, I’m torn on the issue. I would love to see a giant robot fighting league but I would HATE to see humanity abuse these; which, inevitably, may happen.

Let me know what you think!



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  1. charcamolson says:

    Imagine how amazingly useful an 18-foot humanoid mech would be on a construction site. Need to move something? Forget the crane. Forget the forklift. Just pick it up and take it there. Need to demolish a house? Who needs a wreaking ball when you have giant armored fists? Building collapse? Pick up the rubble and throw it out of the way. Need a hole in the ground? Grab a giant shovel. Basically, for any job under two stories it would do just about everything.


    1. It would be pretty awesome!


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