Mandela Effect – the new ’23’

By now I’m assuming you’ve heard of the “Mandela Effect“, where a large group of individuals share a collective memory from childhood only to realize that all of their memories were wrong? No?

Here are some examples:

Mirror, Mirror on the wall


As per the Mandela Effect, we all think it’s “mirror, mirror” when in actuality it’s “magic mirror on the wall”.



This is a weird one. Ever purchased a bottle of Febreeze? Chances are probably not seeing as it’s spelled “Febreze” with a single “e”.

The Flinstones


“Flinstones, meet the Flinstones!” WRONG! Apparently the new timeline is spelled with two “T’s” as in Flintstones. (Which technically makes sense seeing as flint is a stone).

The Berenstein Bears


Remember these books from your childhood? The Berenstein Bears, written by an author of the same name, is actually spelled the “BerenstAin Bears” with an “A”. I know, weird. This is the one that got me interested in the Mandela Effect.

So, how did this happen?

The idea is that somewhere in recent history our reality and timeline crashed into another and now history, as we knew it, has been altered slightly, though our memories remain. The biggest argument is that how could it be possible that so many people share the exact same memory but somehow no history books or Googling produces that result?

While it’s possible the Illuminati changed history (kidding) I feel there is a more “simpler” explanation.

As cool as it sounds to be able to prove alternate realities are a thing, I feel a more reasonable explanation is needed so here is my personal thought:

Similar to Schrodinger’s cat, you do not know it’s different until it’s mentioned. For example, if you never knew any of those examples above (shame on you) than either A) you don’t internet enough, or B) they weren’t different to you. I mean to say, if you never knew it was “Berenstain” than it WAS “Berenstein”.

I feel an infinite amount of alternate universe are being created at every nanosecond of time and until something changes, it doesn’t. Therefore, it could be argued that ignorance is bliss in that your ignorance of the changes of your memory will keep you from losing sleep over that effects of the Mandela Effect.

How does this correlate to ’23’?

Remember back about 10 years when the number 23 was everywhere? It got so popular that a movie was made from it, albeit a sub par one, but a movie nonetheless. The “23 Enigma” as it was called became so terribly viral that people began seeing it everywhere, prompting people to think there was some conspiracy to it.

If you haven’t heard of it here are a few of examples:

-It takes 23 second for the blood to circulate the human body.
-The attack on the twin towers happened on 9/11/2001 – 9+11+2+1=23
-Each parent passes 23 chromosomes to their child.
-The earth tilts on a 23.5° axis – 5 = 2/3
-The US set off 23 nuclear bombs at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific
-The articles of Impeechment used against Richard Nixon and Bill –Clinton are under Article 2, section 3 of the constitution.
-The Nissan car takes its name from “Ni” which means 2 in Japaneese and “san” which means 3. Nissan means 23.

So yeah, so big things but also some of it is a stretch. The main point I’m getting to is now that the Mandela Effect is viral, people are posting their own examples, there are conspiracies as to why it happened, and it’s only a matter of time until a movie comes out staring a normally comical actor in a far too serious role.

I will leave with my thought, unlike 23 the Mandela Effect is incredibly thought provoking. There are theories as to how it’s possible this is normal but I still find it fascinating that so many people could share the same memory than have it ripped out from under them in a single heartbeat.



Thoughts? Comments?

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