Shattered Lands of Eshara

Eshara was thought to be a super-continent of primitive tribes and peaceful creatures who existed in peace in hunter-gatherer tribes scattered about near the many rivers and streams that traversed the entirety of the landmass. From record fossils and what remains of rock drawings and spoken word inherited, the only large creature was the massive gigamoth; a flying, herbivore the size of a man. Hunters only hunted enough to feed their families and tribes and the creatures of the land stayed their distance away while they slept.

Then there was a calamity.

Historians are not sure what caused the most cataclysmic event in history, nor what the event even was. All they are sure of is there was a massive change in climate, biology and environment. In a flash, the world of primitive tribes and friendly creatures was eradicated. The ground that grew their crops and provided stability began to sway and roar until it shattered. It’s predicted that the shattering was not a generalized statement to explain the event but a literal term for what had transpired.

Over a very short time the super-continent split into thousands of fractured landmasses and spread around the globe. Amidst the turmoil large beasts rose from the seas and grounds. Creatures of nightmare overtook the lands. Massive fiends destroyed and devoured every living creature it could find on its island; leaving many islands desolate save for their massive ruler. Giants leveled mountains, leviathans enslaved the skies, and behemoths tainted the deep oceans

It is thought that during these times, the “Age of the Titans” as it was referred, man went into hiding. Their survival depended solely on subtlety and invisibility.

The habits of man changed quickly. They only traveled in small packs; the era of villages had ended. These once-settled peoples became a globally nomadic race where stopping, even for a night, could be the end. Small ships, capable of carrying a single family, could be seen going from island to island, fleeing danger and searching for safety. In this time of great upheaval some mens’ hearts grew dark. They began staying in the shallow seas, robbing and looting the families fleeing their monster islands. Some of the wiser ones set up toll booths to cross to other islands. These pirates were incredibly lucrative as travelers thought giving their food to them was safer than heading back where they came.

A few centuries passed before the numbers of men became too many to continue their nomatic culture. On the small isle of Eshara Prime, as it would become known, a meeting of warlords and pirates and fathers commenced. The meeting was to decide whether they would bring the fight to the titans or continue their tramp existence. In a unanimous decision the agreed to put their needs aside and join forces against their foes. Their meager size and on-the-run lifestyle allowed the number of people to grow exponentially, aided by a land Giant dying, freeing an island for humanity.

Using only the most primitive of weapons a massive amount of men stormed a nearby island one night. Hundreds of boats surrounded the mini archipelago before quickly breaching the shore. The men, armored in wood and leather, armed with spears and knives, sneaked their way into the artificially made cave where a beast slumbered. The men stared in awe as they barely had enough men to block the massive shelled creature off from the cave’s entrance.

In minutes the men, empowered with their hatred for the creature, slaughtered it without hesitation. They hacked and slashed and ripped and slit every inch they could reach. The creature didn’t have a chance to stand before it met its end. With pride, the men drank and celebrated their first victory against the monsters that drove their ancestors out. Their roars of cheer could be heard from the surrounding islands like a challenge to the others.

When the night of partying was over the men got down to business. They striped the creature of it’s meat and trashed its insides. The smiths crafted shields from their fallen enemy’s shell harder than any others made before. The victory had ignited a fire in them thought to have gone out many centuries ago. With a renewed passion the human race began forming into a civilization; their nomadic ways thrown out. As an army was raised a city was built. The two islands under their control were put to use.

On Eshara Prime a city, founded at the very spot war was declared, began to exponentially expand. Houses were being constructed as well as shops and parks. After years of running, people finally had a place to call home. With that came a will to protect it.

Island two, nicknamed the Armory Shell, was dedicated to raising an army strong enough to defeat any creature. It consisted of a cave for stealth training, a mountain for flight pioneering, shallow and deep waters to practice fighting behemoths, and a small jungle to perfect guerrilla warfare. Every aspect of its residents’ lives were about the army. With safe havens their numbers swelled and the two islands excitedly had an overpopulation problem.

One of the founding fathers, Conner the Conquerer, became the unanimously decided leader of the free people. His authority was not challenged as under his rule two islands were liberated of monsters, a feat that had never been dreamed of. He organized his people into a fighting collective and began an island hopping campaign that would not stop until his death a few years later.

In the end, Conner the Conquerer liberated 23 islands in his life, delivering the killing blow to 11 of the titans. Upon his death monuments were erected in memory of his accomplishments. Every island he freed celebrated his name. After his death many leaders attempted to beat his accolades with none coming close.

As they expanded to other islands they encountered greater threats. The isolation of the giants made for a rapid evolution and reproduction. Some islands had many huge Giants while others were littered with innumerable smaller creatures. Some islands were easy to overwhelm with numbers while many were heavily guarded and hard to take.

As the population grew the technology advanced. Soon, humans were flying to different islands using lesser blimps and balloons. These precursor to airships were unable to fly to the clouds, not that anyone would attempt to try, and avoided appearing as fodder for the Leviathans. The balloons allowed humans to attack from above, giving them a tactical advantage over their monstrous adversaries as well as allowing them to explore further without the fear of being sunk by behemoths of the deep. More islands were mapped and settled and soon, man was the co-dominant species alongside the Titans.


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