Your Happiness is Mythical

I do not wish bad things to people, in fact I’d wish them well
But once you’ve crossed the line I wish you worse than hell

I wish there is a Lego everywhere you go to step
I wish there is a nothing where, once, your valuables were kept
I wish the front folds under when you’re walking with sandals
I wish you snag your headphones every time you pass door handles
I wish your head will be filled eternally with lice
I wish all of your Facebook notifications are game invites
I wish all your supervisors stare at you dumbly
I wish your socks are perpetually rotated uncomfortably
I wish warmth on both sides of the pillows on your bed
I wish every where you step with new socks is freshly wet
I wish you charge your phone without the charger in the wall
I wish the subtitles in your movies are synced slightly off

Like the unicorn I hope your happiness is mythical
And everyone you ever meet makes you feel miserable
While I enjoy a feast of meats and cheese and fancy wine
I hope you find the love of your life then slowly watch them die.


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