Kingdom of Silence

Upon a hill I sit and see
A castle not too far from me
It’s walls of black and trees of rot
Should I go? Should I not?

Before I think my legs give way
And movement carries me away
I walk towards the place of gloom
Alas, I welcome belated doom

I feel my legs are quickly shaking
Muscles broken, frail and aching
Heart a wreck, ripped and torn
My pants tear from roses’ thorn

As I approach I hear a sound
Down the hill, then around
A roar of mad, boundless violence
Then I dread the sudden silence

The wind it stopped its blow
All movement ceased, no, it slowed
My once harsh voice now is gone
I hug the grave I fell upon

I try to cry a comfort weep
No tears fall down, eyes are empty
Apathy courses though me
What is this evil sorcery?

Alas a sound, or so I think
I look up, a horror I see
A band of jacks, jester, a fiend
A prince, princess, and black-eyed queen

I feel a calm come over me
This was my one true destiny
I welcome her, the Black Highness
Take me to your kingdom of silence


Thoughts? Comments?

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