Forever in a Dream


You know I’m not a bad kid
And I know that it makes you sad that
I act the way I act and
Pretend that you aren’t my dad
But I’m hurting for attention
Trying to elicit your affection
Getting tired of hating my own reflection
There’s no connection
I’m objecting
I can be okay but I need your protection

So tell me, am I wrong
For wanting you to come
Every time our song comes on
I never sing along
Cause all it brings is pain
I’m cursing my surname
I can’t claim to be the same
Person I was that day
But in a way
I feel these feelings will not go away

Now tell me that you’re there!
Talk to me, I’m here!
Let me know that you’re aware!
Show me that you care!
Listen to me, I demand
Why can’t you understand
That the whole time I pushed you out
I really needed you in
But now is it too late?
Am I running on my hate?
In a few more minutes will I even feel the same?
I came
To the face the shame
In this cloak and dagger game
Of blame
And I may
End up losing everything, I will pay

The ultimate price
In end will I end my own life?
What will I leave my wife?
All this inner turmoil and strife
This blade of this knife
No tears come when I cry
Is it worth it to die?
What will I leave behind?
A legacy of lies?
People’s belief that
I never really tried?
“Fuck you”
Will be the last thing I might
Say before I give my final goodbye

And leave
Forever in a dream
For all eternity
A solace I can keep
A slumber I can sleep
No people
Just me

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  1. Alfahadeen says:

    This was touching…


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