Meet the Titans



Unleashed during the world-changing cataclysm, Giants are enormous creatures that rule the lands. They come in nearly every form but are classed together as they do not have the ability to fly nor the desire to swim.

Notable Giants:

  • Goro: A huge, carniverous shelled creature and the first Giant to be slain by Conner the Conquerer
  • Apak: A humanoid Giant capable of punching massive holes into mountain sides
  • Serpenta: A snake-like Giant known for borrowing underground and ambushing its prey with its massive teeth and uncanny speed


godzilla-2014-flying-monsterMost Leviathans rose from seas during the cataclysm though it is though some came from a once inactive volcano. These mighty creatures are the terrors of the sky. While most are hulking creatures who spend their lives far above the clouds, some are bird-like and have been known to dive at extreme speeds and even attack Giants.

Notable Leviathans:

  • Avem: A mighty four-winged bird who’s screech stuns Giants long enough for it to swoop down and grab them
  • Volanti: An impressively large creature that is whale-like in appearance


Gods of the deep, these creatures are nightmarish fiends that have dragged Giants into the deeps and even capture diving Leviathans. Without a doubt, Behemoths are the apex predator of Eshara.

Notable Behemoths:

  • Masbiyaha: Literally translated “water snake” this creature of myth is a tale told by island hopping humans about a snake like creature who protected their vessels from other Behemoths
  • Aka’tuki: The only creature ever witnessed, this creature has tentacles long enough to reach across whole islands and into the clouds of Leviathans in order to secure its meal

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